Vol. 4 No. 4; December 2017

Vol. 4 No. 4; December 2017 (7)

The Encyclopaedia of the Qur’ān and the Orientalist Terminology of Islam: The Imposition of Translated Equivalents to Avoid Translation. Terminological Analysis of Some Koranic Terms and Conclusions

Authors: Alejandro Romero Burgo & Nicolás Roser Nebot

Exploring the Issues of Denial and Blame in Relation to the Expulsion of Palestinians from Palestine in 1948

Author: Sobhi Albadawi

Dysfunctional Leadership in the Public Service

Author: Luni Vermeulen

Palestinian Humor on the Peace Process

Author: Sharif Kanaana

The Impact of Multiple Intelligences on Vocational Interests: A Case Study of Palestinian Students

Author: Mohammed Namourah

Self-management and Job Performance among Employees at Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations in Hebron Governorate

Author: Ibtehal Hasan Abdallah Awawdeh

The Impact of Self-management on Job Involvement at Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations in Ramallah Governorate

Author: Bashir Ahmed

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