Editorial Board

Chief Editor

Hasan A. Yahya
PhD. Comparative Sociology, MSU-USA
PhD. Educational Administration, MSU-USA
Former professor of Philosophy and Research Methods-MSU, JCC, LCC
President of the Arab American Encyclopedia-USA
President of Ihyaa al Turath al Arabi fil Mahjar (Revival of Arab Heritage in Diaspora)
Michigan State University
Jackson Community College

Deputy Chief Editor

Bassam Banat
PhD. Sociology (Statistical Methods and Research Techniques)
Associate Professor
Chairman Department of Applied Sociology
Faculty of Arts
Al-Quds University
Jerusalem Main Campus – Abu Dies

Chief Editorial Assistant

Chris Ashcroft
DBA. Education & Divinity
Grad. Dip. Child Protection
Executive Life Coach
NSW Australia


Maria-Jose Lera
PhD. Psychology (Developmental and Educational Psychology)
Faculty of Psychology
Seville University

Francisco Entrena Durán
PhD. Sociology (Theory & Social Change)
Department of Sociology
Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology
Granada University

Luni Vermeulen
PhD. Public Administration
Senior Lecturer
School of Social and Government Studies
Faculty of Arts
North-West University
South Africa

Sharif Kanaaneh
PhD. Sociology (Anthropology)
Sociology and Anthropology Department
Faculty of Arts
Birzeit University

Elena Gavrilova
PhD. Foreign Languages
Department of Foreign Languages
Faculty of Economic
Plekhanov Russian University
Russian Federation

Radoslaw Damian Sajna
PhD. Political Science
Department of Journalism and Communication
Faculty of Humanities
Kazimierz Wielki University

Nargis Asad
PhD. Clinical Psychology
Assistant Professor and Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Department of Psychiatry
Aga Khan University
Karachi ,Pakistan
Chair- Working Group for Women – WGW, AKU

Mohamad Toufic Houri
PhD. Islamic Studies
Associate Professor of Ophthalmology
Assistant Dean
Faculty of Medicine
Beirut Arab University
Beirut, Lebanon

Gindra Kasnauskiene
PhD. Economics (Demography and Population economics)
Department of Quantitative Methods and Modeling
Faculty of Economics
Vilnius University

Octavio Uña Juárez
PhD. Sociology
Professor of Sociology
Chairman Department of Social Sciences
Faculty of Communications & Social Sciences
King Juan Carlos University

Adriaan Keller
MA. Religious Studies
Specialist in Comparative Codicology
Faculty of Humanities
Amsterdam University

Kira Trostina
PhD. Foreign Languages
Department of Foreign Languages
Faculty of Economic
Plekhanov Russian University
Russian Federation

Abdelmajid Naceur
PhD. Cognitive Psychology & Emotional Processes in Education and Teaching
Department of Psychology
Faculty of Humanities
Tunis University
Director ECOTIDI Research Unit
Virtual University of Tunis

Seija Ulkuniemi
MA. Education
Doctor of Arts (Art & Design)
University lecturer in art education
Faculty of Education
University of Lapland

Sobhi Albadawi
DRS. Sociology (Political Sociology & Refugee Studies)
NSW Australia

Erika Derkas
PhD. Sociology
Department of Sociology & Women's Studies
College of Arts and Sciences
New Mexico Highlands University

Diego Checa Hidalgo
PhD. Contemporary History
Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations
Coventry University
United Kingdom

Tiziana Chiappelli
PhD. Quality of Education
PhD. Practice and Theory of Sense
Department of Educational Sciences and Psychology
University of Florence

Khodor Haidar Hassan
PhD. Public Health
PhD. Nutrition and Health
Associate Professor
Department of Physical Therapy
Faculty of Public Health
Lebanese University

Evelio Velis
MD. PhD. Director and Associate Professor
Master of Science in Health Services Administration
MSHSA-MPH Dual Degree Programs
College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Barry University

Mairim Febles Pérez
MA. Social Studies of Religions
Researcher of Religions
Department of Socio-religious Studies
Center for Psychological and Sociological Research (CIPS)

William I. Robinson
PhD. Sociology
Professor of Sociology, Global and International Studies
Department of Sociology
University of California
Santa Barbara

Besa Ismaili
PhD. State Religion & Women Studies
Vice-Dean Faculty of Islamic Studies
Republic of Kosovo

Mohamed Shishtawy
PhD. Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
Professor of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
Faculty of Medicine
Benha University

Enver Gicic
PhD. Islamic Studies
Dean Faculty of Islamic Studies
Novi Pazar

Hassan Karaki
PhD. Sociology (Industrial Sociology)
Associate Professor
Faculty of Public Health
Lebanese University

The international humanities studies strives towards honest, advanced and scientific communication. Therefore, IHS focuses on valid and reliable reported data, results, methods and procedures.

In order to achieve the aforementioned, IHS avoids bias in experimental design, data analysis, data interpretation, peer review, grant writing, expert testimony, and other aspects of research where objectivity is a requirement.

When conducting research on human subjects, IHS believes in minimizing human harm and risks. Finally, IHS believes in respecting human dignity, privacy and autonomy.