The Role of Local Political Parties in Aceh of Indonesia

Author: Rozaili Binti Zaini Djalil


This research paper analyzes the existence of local political parties in Aceh as a proof for the development of democracy in Indonesia after the Reformation Era. By adopting a socio-historical method, this paper explores the roles of local political parties of Aceh. The data obtained showed that local parties play several roles in maintaining the religious values of Islam, adat, and the integration of Aceh into the entity of Republic of Indonesia. The paper concluded on the note that for Aceh people, it is believed that local political parties have the strategic ways to channel their political aspirations. Implications of the study as well as directions for future empirical research were discussed.


Keywords: Political parties, democracy, Islam,  Aceh of Indonesia.


Dra. Rozaili Binti Zaini Djalil, M.M. Public Administration, Senior Lecturer in Public Administration and Local Autonomy of Aceh, University of Jabal Ghafur, Aceh, Indonesia. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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